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Black Beauty

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Black Beauty, Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is an 1877 novel by using English writer Anna Sewell.

It became composed in the final years of her life, all through which she remained in her house as an invalid.

The novel have become a direct fine-supplier, with Sewell dying just five months after its booklet, however having lived lengthy enough to peer her handiest novel grow to be a success.

With fifty million copies offered, Black Beauty is one of the exceptional-selling books of all time.

The tale is narrated within the first person as an autob...extra

Sep 05, 2016Jamesrated itliked it

ReviewBlack Beauty through Anna Sewell is a lovely tale intended for older kids or very teenagers. It was written inside the 19th century by a girl who exceeded away rapidly after its publication. I enjoyed the story and feature given it a three of five stars, which remains excellent in my ebook.

1. The point of view inside the book is from Black Beauty, the horse.2. It takes place in London nearly 150 years ago.3. It's nonetheless a loved tale for each delight studying and ed...more

This is the first e book I ever study. I keep in mind the day that I added it in to expose to my trainer, Miss Gerardi. She requested me if I may want to examine it, so I commenced reading it aloud to her proper away.

The story is instructed in Black Beauty's own words. Beauty's buddies are difficult to overlook, particularly excessive-lively Ginger. Anna Sewall's words are full of loving empathy for those beautiful animals. The tale became set in nineteenth century England, at a time while nearly every body came into common touch with horses...more

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress may be judged by the manner its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

I had by no means virtually owned a copy of this excellent traditional till very lately once I noticed this one well worn and cherished in a residence clear out of a relative and once I was asked if there was some thing I would love to take as a memento I changed into so satisfied to present a home to this lovely book. Black Beauty changed into usually out on mortgage from my faculty library and as a baby I remembering cons...greater

Feb 24, 2013Robin Hobbrated itliked it

Recommends it for:Thoughtful children and yes, adults.

This changed into one of my very first 'horse' books. I read it once I changed into 9 or ten, and it left a deep influence on me.

Told from the perspective of the horse, it starts with Beauty's gentle upbringing and careful training. Well cared for and well mannered, Beauty is a valued animal with an amazing life before everything. But a mishap oris all it takes for Black Beauty to begin a downward spiral right into a world where the appearance of an animal topics some distance greater than its comfort, and into the depths wherein the onl...more

Apr 20, 2014Carolrated itit become first-rate

"My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to forestall, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers inside the guilt.".

BLACK BEAUTY, with the assist of a number of her pals and acquaintances, narrates her personal lifestyles story on this absolute gem of a children's traditional. I've always loved the splendor and style of horses, but now have an even greater recognize and appreciation for them......and their wishes.

A few heartbreaking tales are advised here, however the advantageous, encouraging messag...more

Dec 26, 2007Melodyrated itit changed into splendid

I revisited this classic horse tale not understanding what to expect, sincerely. I actually have observed that I can't in reality accept as true with my formative years memories. In this case, but, the years made no distinction. The abnormal thing I noticed even as reading this ebook changed into how completely I'd internalized the messages concerning animals and how one have to deal with them. I recognise that I must have examine this 20 or 30 instances earlier than I became 14, however I failed to understand that I was memorizing whole chunks of it and grafting it into my moral code. It...greater

Okay it had commenced as a review but it ended up becoming something completely distinct. It is instead dark, you've got been warned.

"In Defense of Cannibalism"

"I assume the tale starts offevolved when, as a kid, I turned into a neighbor of this own family of slaughterers for a short at the same time as and, even though they did their paintings inside partitions of their house, nonetheless sitting inside our domestic, we could hear the cries of goats, complete of pain, as they were being slaughtered. These cries would move on for several minutes. It became insufferable for...more

“We name them dumb animals, and so they're, for they can not inform us how they experience, however they do no longer suffer less because they haven't any phrases.”

~ First Read- 2013 ~~Second Read- 2021 ~

~First Rating- four stars ~~Second Rating- five stars ~

Content / Trigger Warnings- Animal Cruelty

Note- I actually have tried to consist of all the content warnings that I noticed, but there may be no guarantee that I haven’t neglected something.

-Mention of a number of those inside the review-“There isn't any religion with out love, and...more

I assume this turned into my first 'favourite book'.

I've read it time and again once more, and I nevertheless cry every unmarried time, at so many one of a kind factors. It's this sort of stunning book and I constantly sense it so deeply. The way some humans treat animals (and every other) may be appalling. On the other hand, a few humans can be particularly tremendous, the form of character we all must want to be, and with any luck recognise (this is applicable to both the e book and lifestyles in popular of route). Black Beauty's lifestyles has a exceptional many united statesand...more

Dec 06, 2009Manybooksrated itreally favored it

Anna Sewell's evocative, poignant and yes, often devastatingly brutal autobiography of a horse, her 1877 Black Beauty, is a unique which despite the fact that I very a great deal and dearly cherish and respect (and recollect it even a non-public preferred), I am also glad to have first study as an grownup, and NOT as a infant. For with horses being amongst my favorite animals, specially Black Beauty's many many trials and tribulations, his regularly neglectful and at times even deliberately cruelly abusive grooms and...more

I'm sorry, I examine this e-book when I changed into 6 or 7 and it almost scarred me for life..the sight of Ginger's frame being carted away stayed with me for years. Between this, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Yearling, and of course Old Yeller I need to count on that somewhere there's a Marquis de Sade school of kid's literature. I in no way gave these to my youngsters as they had been growing up (they needed to make do with Narnia, Charlie Bucket, and a few others). Neither the books nor the movies did I take them to...more

Sep 23, 2019Britanyrated itit was amazing

This changed into my favourite e book growing up as a toddler. I became captivated with horses and living in a barn. Black Beauty was the remaining fan-woman horse book and I ate it up as a bit lady. Revisiting this as an grownup became equally impactful.

I teared up a couple of instances as I re-lived Beauty and the slew of his terrible proprietors, his negative knees and notwithstanding it all his top, smooth heart. This is my favourite animal person in any e-book and Beauty nonetheless has a liked space that I'll cherish in my soul. This e book sti...greater

Oct 24, 2008Christinerated itit was terrific

Black Beauty is one of these uncommon books that can pontificate with out being preachy. Anna Sewell wrote this to illustrate the abuse of horses, in particulary the tough use of the bearing rein. The bearing rein changed into used to get the pony's head arched, however made it hard for the horse to respire and near impossible for the horse to pull a carriage uphill. When Sewell died, the hearse to carry her frame used horses with bearing reins. Her mom went out and made the driver cast off them.

Do no longer be expecting an objective assessment right here. I even have cherished this ebook considering that a copy became given to me on the stop of my 6th grade college year and feature examine it so normally I practically comprehend it by heart. And as a be counted of reality, I still have that very book! Here is the GR hyperlink for it, which did not take me nearly as long to discover as I idea it would (there are nearly 800 editions of Black Beauty listed). book/show/2...

The tale follows Black Beauty from his days as a foa...greater

Dec 29, 2021Carol She's So Novel꧁꧂rated itreally appreciated it · evaluation of any other edition

Recommends it for:Anyone considering shopping for a horse

A Goodreads member requested a number of the Black Beauty rates be wiped clean up. I owned this copy and it have become easier to reread and try and fix as many rates as I should while studying. (I ought to observe that doing that is quite surely a one-off & that I changed into intending to examine this e-book next 12 months anyway!)

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